Actual Mistake

Who's mistake is this.. Family of Accused? Victim? Or Government?

To be frank every individual has a mentality and behaviour a each and every instance going on around them. One should find out why it is happening? what making it to cause? what we can do? 

By Raam


Pratibha Srikant Murthy, an employee of the Hewlett-Packard run business process outsourcing arm in Bangalore was allegedly raped and murdered by the driver of a vehicle leased by her employer. The Bangalore police had moved the Magistrate seeking to prosecute Som Mittal, former managing director of Hewlett Packard Global Software Ltd. The Magistrate took cognizance of the matter following which Mittal moved the Karnataka high court against this order. The high court dismissed his petition following which the Supreme Court was approached. A three-judge Bench headed by the Chief Justice of India, K G Balakrishnan rejected Mittal’s appeal in Criminal Appeal No. 206 of 2008. While dismissing his petition the Supreme Court stated that as the head of the company he was responsible for the safety and security of his employees.

As Section 25 of Karnataka Shop and Commercial Establishments Act, 1961, no women is allowed to work in any establishment after 10 PM and before 6 AM. Here the Company taking advantage of relaxation given by the State Government in its Official Gazette to employ women to work during night shifts for certain establishments including IT and ITES industry, employed women to work during second and third shift. The company failed to comply with the adequate safety and security measures drafted by Government in the same Gazette for women working during night shift.

“If a company hiring a women employee it should not only need to think what all the input it can get from her.. But also need to think what all the security it needs to give her.”

Women should have a separate cab facility with updated GPS
and under the surveillance

Why all this shit is happening around us

A girl never keeps a step out of her home usually, when she did it! this so-called  Bastard’s whoever starting harassing them mentally, physically and ruining men’s reputation.

Actual Mistake


Not all the men were frisky, but because of the men who do it women losing their faith on each and every men.

If a girl trying to step outside the home, there might be several issues. She might be feeling discomfort in the home, maybe a financial issue, or it may be seeking a free life…

The government should implement the laws, stopping making unnecessary and numerous bills.

why only incidences occurring repeatedly in places like Delhi, Jammu, and all the northern states. The government should implement the laws, need to look for some alternates, proper policing should be done in the late nights. When the government itself is giving up in executing the laws, what a poor woman can do in such a helpless condition?

The actual mistake may be the environment and the parents of the person who attempts mistake… Change them!!
A child should be raised in a proper manner from childhood. His environment should be kept pleasant, make them learn to respect towards women from childhood. At least, we may see some change.


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