Celebrating “The elections 2019”.

Celebrating “The elections 2019”.

“I would like to request the respected election commission of India to conduct the elections on a regular basis to our Indian people to celebrate”.

Hello World!!!

Here in India, we are about to celebrate a festival for this upcoming 2nd week of April 2019. “The elections 2019”, why I am saying it as a festival? 

Not because some implementations will come!!!

Not because the government will change or the same government will exist!!!

Not because some miracles happen here in India!!!

It is just because we will have a word to say that our poor people in the country fed at least for this month. Here, what you have read is absolutely correct.

Before coming to the point I would like to discuss a government scheme that is running over here. Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) wherein the unskilled, unemployed poor people (7% of the population at 31 million) will get a guaranteed 100 days employment with a minimum wage of some 150-170Rs/- ($2.19 – $4.37) per day. The scheme started in the year 2006 with a minimum wage of 50-125Rs/- as per the government calculations. After so many hiking recently the government for 2019-20, released an official gazette hiking the wages to 171-284Rs/- from 150-170 rupees.

Now why I am saying this is the government is spending an overall amount of 250 or 270 rupees (roughly) under this per day for an individual. But, at the time of elections, the politicians will give an amount of 500 Rupees per head and Biryani for lunch and all the alcohol and stuff needed to attend the political campaign.  In some areas, it may also reach 1000-2000/-.

For a vote, the politicians give 500 to 5000 also some times to win in the elections. However, the people here take the money and punch the vote to the guy whom they like that’s secondary.

I would like to request respected election commission of India to conduct the elections in regular and short intervals so that the common people will survive with this… LOL😜😝

Not that I was complaining against ECI or against it. It is performing its job perfectly and there is no doubt in it. But, kudos to these politician’s skills for escaping and directing the money.

And also all the politicians will invest their black money at this point in time. This is a huge opportunity to catch the people who hold the black money or to bring back the black money and change it to white money by distributing it to the people.

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