Dear Pakistan… Stop that brinkmanship.

Dear Pakistan… Stop that brinkmanship.

And start working on your paralised economy and the terrorism held inside you…

What if there is a war ready to go between India and Pakistan!? What if Pakistan maintains the same situation between both the countries?

However, Mr. Imran Khan the Prime Minister of Pakistan have earned some respect by releasing the Indian Air Force wing commander “Abhinandan” as a gesture of peace (as he said in the Pakistan Parliament). And he also stated in an interview that “two countries holding nuclear weapons cannot go for a war and that will only lead to a war that means nothing but a suicide”.

Till now whatever you read is fine, but the real version is different now. A Prime Minister needs to have some command on his army, whereas Imran Khan doesn’t even know (We hope whatever he spoke regarding peace is not a manipulation) what actually happens in the border. 

Mr. Imran Khan also repeatedly talking about the Kashmir issue, I only need to stress a single point here.

Dear Mr. Prime Minister, please concentrate on your country’s economy that is being butchered by your country’s army and corrupted politicians. Please concentrate on that 102 luxury vehicles that are being placed for auction to fulfill your country debts.

People visit an auction of government-owned used cars at the premises of Prime Minister House in Islamabad, Pakistan September 17, 2018. 

Dear Prime Minister, please concentrate on that below poverty calculations which got a hike from 12.4% (2010-11) to 17% (2015-16) before speaking about the Kashmir issue.

And the world knows where the brutality exists, and where India exist in the economy(3rd) also where Pakistan economy exist (23rd). Please take care of those 29.5% Pakistani population i.e 55 Million people that are estimated living below the poverty line in Pakistan.

You realized that what are the consequences after the war, but you also need to realize that what’s going on in your country and in your country’s army. 

“We accept 172 million Muslims in our country without any issues and they are living with all freedom and happiness”.
“We accepted 133.92 crore population with different religions, castes, creed, accents without any issues”.
And it is not a matter to take care of just 1.25 crore people. So better take care of your country before concentrating on our land Jammu Kashmir. It is a part of India and always be a part of India.

Many soldiers have sacrificed their life’s for it and we will not let their sacrifices in vain… 


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