Do you know Indian origin? Where our country started! Where India started!!

What will you do when you know there is a 10 day holiday in your duty schedule?


A holiday spot usually you will search for!


Superb!! You are true!!

For a bit of relaxation and refreshment…

But where will you find that???


It is usually a beach area resort and all…

This is what our ancestors did, the only difference is that they don’t have any job, restrictions, boundaries, shares, banks loans, etc., to stick to a single place. They found a beautiful river and also a beautiful resource for agriculture and breeding. They also found suitable land for growing crops. That is why they stuck to the places they were liked.

Actually, they are not up to that extent in foolishness like us, to leave their motherland or the land that gives food and travel all along to a dumping yard (so-called a city!? Or Whatever!).

So the thing is, they found a resource, i.e. What we call as the great river Indus. And the culture, the kind of living maintenance, dressing and all is what the civilization altogether, it is called as the Indus valley civilization.

And I am reminding you again, they did not leave their hometown! They did not leave their family. Whatever they have they lived happily.

What is Indus Valley Civilization?

Now why I have raised this Indus Valley Civilization? Because the name India got from the name Indus. We Indian people have many names as we have many religions here! Rest of the world at those times use to call Indians with many names like “people of Indus“, “Indoi” and many more. The name Indus indicates Sindhu in Sanskrit and Hindus in Persian languages. We Indians got this name as our ancestors used to live nearby the river Sindhu.
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Actually, they


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