The story of Jammu & Khasmir unveiled – Article 370

The story of Jammu & Khasmir unveiled – Article 370

It’s been a massive blow to our country that more than 40 of our hero’s martyred in Pulwama attack & now again this Article 370 topic heated up

Hello everybody!!! Hope everyone fine😶.
I can only greet you this way because of the saddest things happening in the country from the past few weeks. First of all A big salute to those heroes martyred in pulwama attack on Feb 14 and a hero who died while defusing IED bomb, which has happened two days after Pulwama attack.
                                                                                    And yesterday 2 Surya Kiran Aircraft’s collided each other in the mid-air at Bengaluru’s Aero India show (However, pilots were safely ejected and one died in this collision) practice session of Suryakiran aerobatic team of the India Air Force. We feel proud of your sacrifice and it will not be forgotten.

What actually made Jammu as a land of dispute?

Many army people are dying, many young teenagers are turning into militants, and after so many wars, struggles, agitations and all… still the place remained the same!!! Is Article 370 is the reason for it?

Before slowly getting into it, we will come to the day 14th Feb 2019 where a poor little teenager at the age of 20 gave of his life to do a foolish thing. As soon as something occurs, I don’t actually know! But every person will get enthusiasm and power to judge, decide and comment on the thing happened. No one is interested in what actually happening over there in Jammu & Khasmir.

If you are a resident of that place, your point of view might be different. Coming to the point this school dropout teenager (Adil Ahmed Dar), who is known as the main victim in the Pulwama attack is distracted from his carrier and ended up his life like this.

Why actually this happened to him? His father main complain is “He felt humiliated with the action of army people while he was a boy going to school”.

We need to consider this point here..

Do you see any army persons peeping into your house?
Or asking you to hold while you are walking to the market and checking you thoroughly? No!!

But this is a general thing in Jammu and Khasmir, this is not the mistake of army persons or people in J & K but the consequences that dragged that area into this kind of situation.

If a boy is distracted in the schooling age, then it is definitely lacking from the teaching end, family, or from the environment, he got raised. As I said, no one is willing to be in a place as Jammu where everything single move of your will be observed.

Then why is our Indian army residing over there? For this, we need to get back to the year of October 1947.

What actually happened in Jammu & Kashmir in 1947?

Have a look at the below map

J&K splatted into pieces by our beloved Pakistani nationBefore India got independence the Muslim leader Mr. Mohammed Ali Jinnah brought up with a new proposal, “A separate country for the Muslim people”, as a result of it India got separated into two. At the time of independence two provinces were unwilling to join in the union of India and wanted to be independent. They include the NIZAM state (Present Hyderabad) & Jammu Khasmir. However our leader Sardar Vallabhai Patel succeeded in joining the state of Hyderabad into India Union, but the Jammu & Khasmir remained Idol…

Patel made a great contribution in uniting the country, taking as an inspiration his idol has kept as Statue of Unity in Gujarat


Taking this as a chance the Pakistani troops started looting the people in Jammu & Khasmir province and started occupying the land (Which now we called as Pakistan occupied Kashmir), terrifying for this incident the king of Jammu & Kashmir came asking the help of our former India Prime Minister Mr. Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru signing the commitment of Joining Jammu & Kashmir in India. India government sent its troops to J&K and took the situation under its control.

Taking into consideration in Jammu & Kashmir, our prime minister requested Architect of our Indian constitution Dr. B.R.Ambedkar to draft a special article for Jammu & Kashmir. He refused to do that so, However, it was undertaken by Mr. Iyengar, Abdullah (the then leader of J&K) and drafted as an Article in our Indian Constitution as A370.

The actual and main intension behind this is to “Please the people of J&K and win their hearts”.

This is what our army people get from the students and people of J&K in return after providing special provisions like Article 370

What actually there in Article 370?

Its a temporary provision (can be winded up anytime) that was powered to J&K which included the below main points

  • All the provisions of the constitution of India are not applicable to the state of J&K
  • No one from the union of India is authorized to buy or reside in the state of J&K
  • That means no industries are allowed to establish or do business in J&K
  • Any act to be implemented in the state of J&K needs the approval of its state parliament.

Now every time I think of it I just really feel confused we pay for their development, we pay for their schemes from our pockets & we are not allowed to stay there or allowed to buy land!!!

Nehru & Abdullah made an agreement in 1952
It is also believed that abdullah tried to join with Pakistan

Now because of the politicians and their garbage politics, separatists, distracted students, militants, Pakistan Army that became even complicated and since 19’s its already 20’s and our Indian government is unable to retrieve the temporary article from its place.

So many people are migrating to rest of India, so many people of starving and so many soldiers are losing their life’s but the so-called separatists and leaders are enjoying the privileges on the deaths of our Indian army and their citizen.

Now J&K have only three options

  1. Either join in the Indian Union
  2. Or Join Pakistan
  3. Remain as a free state (Separate country).

Remaining free is not an easy task as the Pakistani & China army rush into their landmark as soon as they announce themselves as a free state. And choosing Pakistan which is economically backward and isolated from all over the world, raising terrorism is also not a good option to choose.

The people of J&K should realize the consequences and choose the right option for the perpetuation of their race. Whatever the consequences Indian army is becoming the scapegoat in between these political shit.


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