KGF Vs Amazon Prime Video

KGF Vs Amazon Prime Video

KGF is a movie based on the Kolar Gold Field an absolute stunner with power pack action scenes. The issue here now is!! Amazon announced the movie released date recently (Actually movie already released today in the morning 12 AM in the Amazon prime app).

Movie trended a lot for its real story based on the Kolar Gold Fields in Bengaluru (Karnataka). Yash performed very well in the leading role and the mother sentiment worked out fantastically that will touch our heart definitely. With this movie, openly we can say that the Kannada movie industry entered into the world movie platform.

The movie is performing good starting from the release date and it is the 47th day now towards its 50th day successfully (After a long time a movie running for 50 Days).

Coming to the point as soon as a movie release date is announcing the greatest so-called movie partner’s (like Amazon prime video, TV Channels) are eagerly waiting for fixing their dates for releasing movies in their app and channels. This encouraging and giving boost to the movie to get pirated. There should be a duration in between the movie release date and these media partners releasing date. An industry is an industry, the efforts they put in it is the same as whatever the field we work… And whatever the effort we put…

These piracy websites (Torrent websites) will change regularly to avoid the blocking in India, and they pirate the India (Tollywood, Bollywood, and Hollywood dubbed into different india languages like Telugu, Hindi, English). And recently tamil rockers challenged and released the pirated movie on its website on movie released date for the movies like SARKAR & other superstar movies. They operate the websites from the different countries so that it is hard to handle to our Indian government and thinking that they can easily escape. However, it is our minimum duty that not to watch the pirated movies.

Do not encourage piracy, please do watch the movies in theatres only.

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