Water crisis in India
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Water crisis in India

What made India to face the water crisis??

There is a need to save and recycle the water in India

There is no doubt that India is the fastest growing economy in the world. But, however, there are few fields it is lacking where it needs to concentrate. And there needs to be a speedy recovery in those fields. We need to definitely appreciate the present government for overcoming the biggest obstacles like open defecation, waste management by implementing programs like

Swatch Bharat Mission.

But India also needs to concentrate on the water scarcity problem, which is the main and severe problem that India is going to face in the upcoming years…
According to the World Bank statistics, 21% of communicable diseases in India are due to unsafe water and lack of hygienic practices.

In India water scarcity is due to overuse and mismanagement. When compared with countries like Qatar, Lebanon & Pakistan, India is in a better position in managing water scarcity. But, that is not what we need to feel happy about. We need to be aroused for the condition what we are about to face and stood challenging in front of us.

Water wastage is about 1 to 45 Liters by 1 person per day in India. This is a very bad thing that is totally we need to avoid. This is how we are making a coutry with surplus water supply into a deficit country.

Even having many resources and funds, few states in India show horrible statistics on child deaths because of diarrhea(lack of proper drinking water), It is almost 1.8 million children that die every year because of diarrhea. It is an irrefragable truth that there are many places in the country like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and many more place where even treated water is wasted

Pipri a village in Adilabad where people need to walk near by water source to there village for drinking water. (Image source – The Hindu)

In the same way there are places where millions of women walk all along 4 to 5 kilometers and spend hours every day collecting water.
5 L children’s below the age of 5 years are dying yearly because of improper drinking water, government need to take a proper action and need to concentrate on the basic needs like water to reach every home.

times-india Image source – (IWP Flickr photos)

It needs to control sewage management into the river and put some regulations on the industrial usage of fresh water. A plan of action to be created for planning the recycling and re-usage of water sources. Water that is not fit to use for drinking is to be allotted to the industries and the water that is fit to use are to be diverted to the human needs.

As our duty we also have some responsibility to save the water. Please do not unnecessarily waste the water.

Save water for our next generations

Save water for our next generations, close the tap properly, minimize unnecessary usage and waste of water.


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