What all a banana can do?​

What all a banana can do?​

You know what all a banana can do?

So, we now look into what a banana can do?

It can do many things!

It helps the body to produce the chemicals that keeps the body healthy and the chemicals that regenerates tissues. It offers many medical benefits, like neutralizing the stomach acidity (Ulcers). It contains 35% (100gms of Banana) of potassium that can help in preventing high blood pressure and stroke.
Potassium plays a role in many body functions including transmission of nerve signals, muscle contractions, fluid balance, and various chemical reactions. It also helps in Constipation, irritability, Muscle weakness, Stress and many other condition (To be proved scientifically).

A banana eaten before a workout can provide you with the necessary energy to complete a longer workout. Their are few other benefits also

  • It is believed that banana is helpful in curing dysentery and diarrhea.
  • As said it is also helps to overcome constipation.
  • Stomach ulcers.
  • Diabetic patients use banana flowers

Cooked flowers of banana are used by diabetic patients as a diet

Its roots are also administered to cure digestive disorders, it is a good solid food for the infants in their early age.

Most importantly it can be used as a PMS diet where it replaces the lost potassium and prevents the menstrual cramps.

Which type of Banana can we eat?

Green Banana, where it mainly contains starch and when we consume starch our body gradually breaks down that consumed starch into glucose.

So, when you consume a green banana your blood glucose levels gradually increase. As you people already know that the green banana will be bitter and your teeth feels a sticky sensation.

Yellow Banana, contains high amount of glucose and easier to digest. It will be sweeter than the green banana usually and contains no or less starch.

Image source Sasha Kran

 And here comes the hero… these spotted bananas are best to eat , and those spots indicates the age of the banana and the amount of starch converted into glucose. They boost our immune system and a rich source of antioxidants which fights in cancer prevention. So my choice to you when you eat a banana is having this brown spotted banana up there.

What type of banana we need to avoid!

Spotted banana and half ripened banana

Calcium carbide, ethipon one, ethylene gas are used in ripening th fruits chemically. So, you need to be careful while purchasing the fruits especially banana. You can buy the sotted bananas and can store them in refrigerators but not half ripened bananas that are harmful and life threatening.

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