What is the mistake of the congress party!?

What is the mistake of the congress party!?

I am definitely sure that this is turning out to be one of my best articles. It’s not because to gain attention but it is because the content I am about to write.

Firstly, I would like to congratulate myself and thank one and everyone for their love for showering their love from the past two months reaching 1,414 views and still viewing…

Yes. it’s absolutely thousand and four hundred’s… Thank you very very much for that…

Now coming to the topic, to be frank, everybody commits mistake and that’s common in our life that we commit so many mistakes. But when you commit a mistake that affects others you definitely think twice or thrice. Or else you will at least intimate the person when you realize and apologies him.

Now I will ask you a question.

When it is one or two it is OK for you or anyone over there… But when it is in 1000s or maybe🤔 Lakhs….


That’s not 1000s or Lakhs as well!!!!! It’s absolutely millions……

Yes, its millions and those scapegoats are we…. You, Me and people who read this our parents our children, everyone……

When you representing a job, family, school or as an owner or a guardian you will maintain some dignity. But what Congress party and its people did is absolutely bootless.

Actually, what Congress party’s mistake is?

1. The question itself is wrong here. Congress party itself is a mistake and there is no need for searching mistakes in it. Why because at the times of India freed from Britishers, Mr. Gandhi so called the father of nation asked all the top Congress leaders to dissolve the party and form a new organization to serve the people. He told them that the task of Indian National Congress (INC) was to fight for the freedom and liberation of India from the shackles of the British which was achieved by latter handing over power to the Indians.

Gandhi and Nehru

Gandhi wanted the disbandment of the Indian National Congress immediately and he wanted to bury the party once and forever. But no one listens to the words of Gandhi especially the then prime minister Shri Jawaharlal Nehru Ji to gain the popularity that the party has in millions of people of India.

Let’s find what else the mistakes it (The Congress party) has

To speak about the Congress party first we need to speak about its leaders. actually A.O.Humes a Britisher started it in 1885 December 28 feeling distracted with the then government implementation, he worked here as a civil servant and founded this party with the main aim to free India from the shackles of the British government. Here everything is fine now, as the time went on changing its directions Indian National Congress has become the biggest platform to revolt against the Britishers and people gave huge support for it.

  • The main person we need to talk about in the Congress party is Mr. Gandhi the so-called father of the nation, I don’t know why people call him the father of the nation? For delaying India’s independence from 1920 to 1947? Or responsible for many peoples death and victim of any brutality at that period of time with his ideology. I feel like there is no difference between Hitler and Gandhi!! Both of them are responsible for so many deaths. We will discuss Gandhi in my next article so we will keep him aside now (As there is so much to say).

  • The other person to discuss next to Gandhi is our First Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru. Whatever the good things he did to our country keeping apart. We cannot evaluate even the loss that he did to our country.

  • The foremost thing he does to our country is the rise in corruption. Yes, after independence the corruption in the Congress party leaders is at peaks and we can say that he is a No.1 failure in handling and controlling this, he ignored every leader’s requests and suggestions to eradicate it. He led his own way with his own ideas. The Jeep Scandal one of the biggest and first scandal in India after Independence is the best example of this for his behavior towards corruption.
Nehru with V K Krishna Menon
    • V.K Krishna Menon the then India’s high commissioner to Britain had played a major role in this scandal and Nehru paved the way to the scandal leading the scandal in the frontline for his party uses leaving the country’s expediency in vain. And also he gave a ministerial post later on to V K Krishna Menon. All these things happened just a year after independence in the year 1948.
Patel with Nehru
  • The next biggest mistake he did is the decision on Jammu and Kashmir(Article 370), we cannot decide whether he is the actual reason for it or that he is the one who responsible for all the consequences but he is the Prime Minister at that time and many people opposed the decision of making Article 370 and even hesitated to make it (Ambedkar denied to make Article 370 for J&K). Patel is also unwilling on this decision but however later he showed solidarity with Nehru. 

  • The other huge blunder he did is to refuse a permanent seat in UNSC (United Nations Security Council). Not only refusing it but also he proposed China for that seat.

    • While the formation of the United National Security Council, they (Developed countries & UNSC) thought making an Asian country as a permanent member of it (UNSC). America came up with the proposal to request India as the member, as all the remaining countries (Russia, China, and others) are not in favor of it or communist somehow. At that time our beloved Prime Minister refused it and proposed China as the member. Now India is neither a permanent member of it nor a non-permanent member of it.

    •  With this privilege, China is able to refuse the decision of listing Masood Azhar in the international terrorist list. Whenever India with the support of all other countries proposing this issue China simply opposing the proposal with its permanent seat power. He also gave up Tibet to China, that is a small thing among all these things although.

  • Next to Nehru famous personality is Shrimati Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi, there is the highest growth in GDP while she is in the ruling but the highest violence in the country after Independence is in her regime only.

    • That may be in the period of Emergency (For a period of 21 Months India went back to the British kind of rule) or may in the Operation blue star (Bloodshed like a river in the Golden Temple of Amritsar) or maybe the implementations that she did on the motivation of her son Sanjay Gandhi (So many people died with misfiring of her implementation Family planning).

    • Although she took so many brave decisions that have contributed to the country’s development, she will be remembered for her mistakes that which affected people for their lifetime.

    • And at the end, she paid for the decision that she made earlier and lost her life in the hands of her own security guards.

  • When coming to Indira Gandhi we definitely need to take out the name Rajiv Gandhi (Rajiv Ratna Gandhi). Whereas when we take his name we should definitely take out the Bofor’s scandal.

    • Bofors is a Modern weapon contract political scandal between Sweden and India which shook the pillars of India political era, around 70 crore rupees were benefited by the Congress party for its personal political uses keeping the lives of our Army people and the citizens in threat. Bofors is a howitzer gun bought for Indian army keeping most advanced proposed guns from all other countries in the favor of Sweden. For that our beloved party got a sum of amount 70 core or maybe more. 70 crores at the time of the 1980s is not a small amount, with that amount now

      • We can build 12MWp solar power project (cost Rs. 62 crores) which provides 50,000 to 60,000 units of electricity.

      • We can build 5kms of the railway line.

      • We can provide 5 ACLS ambulances for a village.
    • He is also famous for interfering in the dispute of Srilanka and its revolutionist LTTE commander Prabhakaran (We will discuss in my next article) and which led to losing his life even.

  • And now comes Sonia & Rahul the successors of that family politics, I am really sorry to say that I am not at all writing anything about them as you people better know them than me.

    • We can write a book on the scams under this woman (Sonia).

      • 2G Spectrum
      • Coal Scam
      • Commonwealth 

and many more, that Congress party for you, with full of scams and full of selfishness. A piece of kind information to you all I am nowhere supportive of any party in our country nor against any party whatever I have analysed I put into an article any inputs are always welcome. -Jai Hindh 

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