Who cares about poor hearted people!!!

Who cares about poor hearted people!!!

Yet another story (Madhu) lately came into the light as the policeman who was handling the case are trying to manipulate and close the case as the elections are going on. Even our beloved Cheif Minister (H D Kumaraswamy) is also escaping and is not interested in answering the questions regarding the case.

These people are Poor not only in wealth but also in the heart…

They only know to get betrayed. They only get bullied, rest in peace to those poor little hearts.

If I were you Mr. First man of India, I would have taken proper action against those evil attitude’s. I would have ordered, asked so that the proper justice to be done…
If I were you so called women leader’s, I would have interfered in the situation and would have followed up until the proper justice to be done to that poor little family of the victim…
If I were you, Mr. H D Kumaraswamy, I would have implemented proper justice and proper punishment to the accused so that the same thing will not repeat.
If I were you mister/mistress citizen!!! I would have butchered all those shameless politicians, tagging them, trolling them, making them peaceless…

I saw this picture’s, and I could not felt asleep a whole night feeling ashamed. Why you people won’t respond to such evil acts???
Will you sit silent if the same thing happens to the ladies in your family? 

Where does this humanity go when a girl is brutally murdered, burnt, tortured and hanged in the city outskirts???

Where did this humanity go when a tribal man beaten to death for taking food!!!!???

I feel ashamed living and sharing the motherland with such irresponsible people…

Why are you sitting idol? Will you spare if a girl in your family kidnapped for two days and found dead by raping burnt alive hanging to a tree???

One sister has some dreams, ambitions, and goals in her life, but these bastards ruined her life killing her. The other brother has no idea why he is living and lives in a cave in the jungle.

Still, these bastards searched him killed him beating brutally to death.

Look at this beautiful Bastard who was taking snaps & selfie’s

No action is taking on the mob lynching and the rapes that have happened. This somehow should come to an end, someone should come forward and take a step to change this type of incidents.

While you are with your friends, family, colleagues, co-passenger or even a stranger please try to fill some good things, motivational things. inspirational things or be quiet. But please do not spoil their mind or ideas that may harm someone in some of the other situation. Try to fill some good thoughts that may get help to someone in some of the other place.

Brother and sister, it’s better that you people made your way leaving this ruthless, heartless people way behind! May your soul rest in peace and the justice to be done.  

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