Who is Priyanka Gandhi???

Who is Priyanka Gandhi???

Is that necessary to mention her in the headlines and make it news!!

Media is one of the powerful weapons we have to bring changes in the society, in today’s generations every individual will stick to the media in some or the other way. But, the sad thing is! Most of the channels are run by the political parties.

Now for every political party, it has become a mandatory thing to tie up with a media channel in any of the ways. Or to establish a channel.



Is that necessary to make headlines on a person who did nothing but entering into politics!! Is that such a big thing???

There are so many issues going on in the world there are so many issues happening in our country!!!

There is no proper flood control system in our country and we also don’t have proper management and utilization of available water resources we have.
We are not updated in the irrigation system and we are using the routine old irrigation system.
There is no balance in the demand and supply of electricity in the country. And there won’t be any continuous power supply.

Funds released by the government will not be received by the beneficiary, either they will change their routes or delay or misuse. There is no proper management and systemization in it.
There are so many sisters, mothers; daughters of India are suffering from different kind of physical and mental harassments.
The country is suffering from unemployment, poverty, and homelessness.
There is no proper hospitality, no government hospital is well equipped, and sometimes there won’t be any oxygen cylinder available to you! if you go to a government hospital and in a few hospitals, there are no toilets for women.
Without any dependency and relation with the international crude oil price, continuous banging will be done by the central and state governments by imposing the tax on the fuel prices.
All the MLA’s and MP’s and other public representatives should feel some shame to behave themselves while enjoying the privileges they get, in another side to whom they are representing are suffering and struggling.
The main thing here we need to discuss is about the corruption in the country. Our representatives (MP’s & MLA’s) are well versed in this field and every black money holder should be hanged publicly.
Frankly speaking, no one is exceptional and all the citizens should file the tax return regularly and that returns are not happening accordingly.
No proper educational policies. Agriculture has become a heavy duty, non-performing assets in the banking sector!!
And in addition to all the above, there are a transportation problem, vaccination, health and hygiene problems, child mortality and many more…
Why can’t our media channel publish this kind of information to fill awareness, awakening, inspiration, energy in public??
Why our media brothers and sisters do not find all these issues to drop in the Main site or the Main paper columns? Why the media will ignore the necessary thing that changes our country’s fate and fall behind the unnecessary things???

What she did to place her in the headlines?

Her husband enjoying the pleasures already provided by the Congress party from past so many years already, and now Priyanka will come to the politics and directly help him in the looting the government and public.

There is no need of mentioning when nothing is done, and there is a need to mention where nothing is doing!?

Until our thinking change!? Until youth change! No policy is going to come into implementation in our country. Where there is a change in the thinking of society, 


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