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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director’s Cryptic Tweet Has Fans Going Mad with DLC Speculation

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A brand new tweet from Tremendous Smash Bros. Final director Masahiro Sakurai has Smash followers on Nintendo Swap and Nintendo Swap Lite going loopy with hypothesis. This month, Nintendo added Steve from Minecraft to the sport’s huge roster, and whereas pleasure over the brand new addition continues to be excessive, many followers are already questioning who’s subsequent. We all know the sport is getting extra DLC characters, however what we do not know is who’s coming and when they’re coming.

Feeding into this hypothesis, the aforementioned Sakurai not too long ago shared a seemingly cryptic tweet that includes two clocks. And that is it. It is simply a picture, no textual content, and the picture is simply of two clocks. Whether or not it is a tease or not, who is aware of, however many followers imagine it is a trace at a future DLC character. Drawback is, the subject material would not simply lend itself to many theories, as a result of, once more, it is simply two clocks.

Under, you’ll be able to take a look at the supposed tease for your self:


— 桜井 政博 / Masahiro Sakurai (@Sora_Sakurai) October 15, 2020

As famous, the potential DLC tease has Tremendous Smash Bros. Final followers going additional loopy with hypothesis. And naturally, many characters have already been implicated, together with Crash Bandicoot and Sora from Kingdom Hearts, the 2 most in-demand DLC characters in the meanwhile.

I did not discover out the reference, however I observed that N. Tropys’ helmet clocks are at all times pointing in the identical path (for the respective intercourse).#SmashBrosUltimate #SmashBros #SuperSmashBrosUltimate #SSBU#Crash4 #CrashBandicoot #CrashBandicoot4 #CrashForSmash pic.twitter.com/F3NXS2la7j

— ? (@SimpIeton) October 16, 2020

12:15 and 10:30.

Coincidentally these are the occasions when Tick Tock Clock is both unmoving or coming into turbo velocity.

Tick Tock Clock confirmed a stage for Smash. pic.twitter.com/SKwvUIRL1O

— ChaseyD (@TheChaseYD) October 15, 2020

Definitetly Professor Layton in Smash ? pic.twitter.com/vc1bfdrCBc

— Quintus. / Quentin (@Quintustorm) October 15, 2020


— Patrice Étienne (@Patricetienne1) October 15, 2020

The suitable is prior to the left one. Dont ask me how, I don’t bear in mind, however I ran the occasions via a critical of equations leading to 31. If we assign three to the left clock & 1 to the correct… & place the them of their right order, it spells 13. YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE HAS 13? pic.twitter.com/3bb7btaqpv

— Mr. Ghost Chao ? (@OutcastAnother) October 15, 2020

So: This appears just like the gateway portal from Chrono Set off, the clocks should you go left to proper, look like rewinding. Even nonetheless, Crash four entails time manipulation..in order that’s my tinfoil hat message of the day. pic.twitter.com/5sfJ1ZJsqh

— Diabetic (@FoxDie_abetes) October 15, 2020

In fact, take all the things right here with a large grain of salt. Not solely as a result of all the theories above vary from stretch to unimaginable stretch, however as a result of we do not even know if it is a real DLC tease or trace.

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